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Laptop Setup Guide - For Windows Users

Table of Contents

It is mandatory that you purchase your laptop and go through this setup guide prior to your first day of class.   You will begin using your laptop immediately so it is essential that you are prepared when classes begin.

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Windows Password Creating a Windows Password
  Security Essentials Antivirus
Windows Updates
Office 365 University (purchase from UC Computer Store)
JMP (for full-time MBA, Professional MBA and Aerospace MBA students only) Login with your netid and netid password. Click on SAS, Then choose JMP pro 10.0 for either Windows or Mac.
Adobe Acrobat Reader (if your laptop did not come with it pre-installed)
Security Laptop Security
Spyware Removal Tools
E-Mail Accounts Accessing your email (VolMail) Account via Web Browser
Obtaining Help with your email account

The following items must be done after you arrive on campus:

Network Access via the wireless network Connecting to the UT Wireless Network
Wireless Registration
More Information about Wireless @ UT

Remote Printing Wireless Printing @ UT

Other Helpful Information:

Smart Ideas Backing Up Your Data
Tip Battery Usage & Security