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The Business Analytics undergraduate program is offered through both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business Administration. Each path has its own unique benefits.

College of Business Administration

Those that pursue the Business Analytics degree within the College of Business Administration will receive broad business training to understand the context in which business analytics is applied. You will also receive training in a complementary business discipline via a collateral or dual concentration option. The College of Business Administration coursework is highly structured in order to provide this business training; for those that wish to pursue a more mathematically rigorous program, you may wish to look into pursuing the degree via the College of Arts and Sciences.

Below are UT Catalog links to each of the programs available through the College of Business:

College of Arts and Sciences

The department also offers a degree in Statistics that can be pursued via the College of Arts and Sciences. The requirements for this path are less structured than through the College of Business Administration, and allows students more freedom in class choice. This path is recommended for students wishing to pursue higher levels of mathematics or sciences than the CBA program allows. It is recommended that students pursuing the Statistics degree via the College of A&S also pursue a minor in Business Administration.

To learn more about the Statistics degree options, please take a look at the course catalog here.

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