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Hear what a 2nd year Masters student has to say about his internship experience

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In a previous news story, we mentioned that all of our master’s students are required to obtain a summer internship after their first year.  Below is an interview with Kyle Brown's about his experience as a Business Analyst Intern at International Paper.  The overwhelming majority of our students return with similar stories of using their newly acquired skill sets to gain real work experience.

The proof of their value can be seen in my last question: “Do you feel the summer internship is a valuable part of your graduate school education?
His Answer: 'YES. It got me a job offer'"

These students will soon be wrapping up their course work at UT and looking for jobs.  We are always looking for new and existing companies to hire our graduates.  Let us know if you have job postings or would like to arrange interviews.

Your Name:  Patrick Kyle Brown
Undergaduate University: Samford University 
Undergrad Degree: Business Administration
Year graduated undergrad: 2009
Graduate Degree:  Dual Degree MBA/MS in Business Analytics
Graduating: Spring 2014
Internship Company: International Paper
Internship Position:  IT Business Analyst Intern

What kind of projects did you work on?

  • Data analysis and visualization (Excel)
  • Business reporting application training
  • Dashboard Building and Testing (Vendavo)
  • General IT project management

What Business Analytics skills did you use?

  • Data visualization techniques
  • Advanced Excel and VBA
  • Data modeling (limited) 

Did you learn any new skills, tools, or software at your internship?

  • Vendavo Profit Analytics Tool
  • Scripting  automated "keystrokes" used to schedule and run applications
  • Increased Excel proficiency
  • SAP and Business Warehouse (limited)
  • Crystal Reports (limited)

Do you feel your business analytics coursework helped?

  • Yes, it helped me to understand how the information I worked with was related, taught me to strategically organize and analyze data sets to provide insights, and with visualization and presentation of data.

What did you take away from your internship?

  • IT within a large manufacturing company is complex
  • ERP systems such as SAP require a ton of support for information processes and information management
  • A great presentation in front of senior leaders goes a long way
  • Communication is key in a corporate environment, especially within IT

Do you feel you were able to provide value added work at your internship?

  • YES!

Do you feel the summer internship is a valuable part of your graduate school education?

  • YES. It got me a job offer.


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