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The University of Tennessee Business Analytics Masters Class of 2014 are arriving on campus

Classes start on August 21st and the new students are moving in and getting ready for a new school year. This years class has more than doubled in size. This means a more diverse group of students who will all be on the internship hunt very soon.

This years class comes from 11 different states and obtained Bachelors degrees from 16 different universities. Some of the undergraduate majors are typical, like statistics, mathematics and economics, however this year we are seeing a larger group of students with less technical degrees, such as education, marketing, public health and pyschology. All of these students showed a strong quantitative aptitude as well as an interest in business.

The breadth of undegraduate disciplines will add quality to the class discussions as well as provide greater opportunitis for companies of varying industries to benefit from these students.

Orientation begins for the students on August 17th with a team building ropes course. The students will also have LinkedIn accounts and you can get a better feel for who they are and their skill sets by visiting our "Meet the Students" section. In the next two weeks they will have pictures up with links to their LinkedIn profile.

In the mean time, check out our 2nd year Business Analytics Masters students who are actively seeking full time employment upon graduation this December.


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