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Harvard Business Review say Data Scientist is Still the Sexiest Profession Alive

HBR recently wrote a recap on last's year claim that Data Scientists have the sexiest job of the 21st century. In this recap, they mention that the demand for analytically trained employees combined with the fact that "not anyone can do it" still makes this field extremely attractive to employers.

The article continues to talk about how the demand is being filled. A major component is the increase in Universities creating degrees that cater to the demand. The University of Tennessee Business Analytics Program was one of only 8 universities mentioned in the article.

I think this line sums up why this field is so sexy:
"It will pay to remember that no matter what the setting, the difference between sufficient and sexy isn't competence as much as curiosity. And what makes someone hot isn't professionalism. It's passion."

Please read the full article on HBR here.



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