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When it comes to Business Analytics all roads lead to Knoxville

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In December 2011, we graduated our first class of Business Analytics Master's students. This addition of a Business Analytics graduate program set in motion many other changes that have led to East Tennessee becoming the "Silicon Valley" for Business Analytics.

A major component of this shift is the development of the Cherokee Farms Innovation Campus. Cherokee Farms in an unparalleled combination of research capabilities located in a vibrant urban core. The 188-acre Innovation Campus on the banks of the Tennessee River is master planned with 16 research-oriented building sites that support approximately 1.6 million square feet of development.

Dr. Zaretzki has led the efforts in our department to help build a "Silicon Valley" of Business Analytics in Tennessee. This summer we have welcomed three new Business Analytics startups to the Knoxville area as well as a satellite office of a well know national firm.

The area offers many attractions for these firms including:

  1. A rich supply of our talented graduates in a field experiencing a nationwide talent shortage.
  2. Executive education programs for managers wishing to develop their ability to use business analytics strategically.
  3. Opportunities to stay current through our annual conference, weekly seminars and our semi-annual Business Analytics Forum in which business partners come together to share best practices in business analytics.
  4. Opportunities to work with faculty and students on research directed at developing business analytics tools to solve challenging and important business problems.
  5. World class technical facilities. Space is currently available in the Innovation Center located on the Agriculture Campus and will soon be available at Cherokee Farm.
  6. Access to the leading supercomputing facility in the world and leading experts to help solve large scale problems.
  7. The combined experience of the College of Business, College of Engineering, and Oak Ridge National labs in developing cutting edge analytical processes in your firm.