Biometrics - March 2010 - pp. 321-322 - by Steven Gilmour

    “Robert Mee’s new work on two-level factorial designs is an unusually good statistics book, which should be bought and, more importantly, read by anyone with even a passing interest in the subject... As implied by the title, this book covers almost everything users of two-level factorial designs need to know...

    “The book can be read and understood by those new to factorial designs, although I think they will need to start at the beginning and work their way through each chapter.  More experienced users will find themselves regularly dipping into the book to see what the author has to say about some topic of interest.  With the deadline approaching, I found it difficult to drag myself away from the book to write the review.

    “...It is clear that careful thought has been given to how to describe every single topic.  The result is a book that deserves to become a classic.”

Technometrics - November 2010 - p. 465 - by Lewis VanBrackle

   “... this book will help nonstatisticians and statisticians alike plan and analyze factorial experiments correctly.  The breadth, depth, and clarity of this book make it a valuable asset for anyone using two-level factorial designs.”