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Why recruit a Business Analytics Student

Two years ago UT became the first College of Business to launch degree programs in Business Analytics. We offer an undergraduate degree in Business with a Business Analytics major, an MS in Business Analytics and a dual degree MS/MBA. In addition we offer collateral for undergraduates in other majors and an MBA concentration in Business Analytics.

Whether you are looking for interns or full-time employees, our students and graduates offer a unique skill-set; they have the technical proficiency to solve challenging data problems while being able to communicate the solutions throughout all areas of your organization.

Analytics covers a broad range, including:

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization

What does this mean? What is business analytics, really?

Business Analytics is the use of data and models to make better business decisions. The analysis can be:

  • Descriptive - Who is buying our product?
  • Predictive - What is the predicted profit from this particular type of customer?
  • Prescriptive - How can we design and operate our supply chain to reduce stock-outs and overstocks?

All of our students gain expertise in data collection, predictive modeling, forecasting, and optimization along with an overall focus on improving their communication and team-based skills.

Our graduates have a tremendous record of success in world-class organizations.

Their combination of analytical and interpersonal skills has helped them advance to leadership positions.

Please contact Christine Vossler if you have any questions about our students or the programs.


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