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Summer Internship

Our graduate and undergraduate majors are strongly encouraged to complete a meaningful internship. While making a contribution to your company, these students will gain valuable experience and insight into their chosen profession.

The process is simple---interview candidate(s) and make your selection. Terms are between you and the student.
There is NO PAPERWORK required on the part of UT.

By Hiring an Intern from UT Department of Statistics, Operations and Management Science:

  • You get a student with good statistical knowledge, particularly regarding Statistical Process Control (SPC) and the Design of Experiments (DOE).
  • That student has easy access to help, when he/she needs it, from the faculty of the department.
  • The intern can help in your organization's application of the ideas of process management and improvement by:
    -- Identifying where to focus quantitative tools to diagnose quality problems.
    -- Assisting business personnel, engineers, and operators in using statistical and other quantitative methods.
  • You get to evaluate a student and find out if you would be interested in possible long-term employment, without a commitment lasting any longer than one summer.

Undergraduate Statistics Students can be Expected to:

  • Construct standard types of control charts.
  • Perform simple interpretations and capability analyses.
  • Participate in data collection, analysis, and presentation.
  • Use statistical software.
  • Prepare reports of studies.

Additionally, Graduate Students can be Expected to:

  • Perform independent analyses of data.
  • Design simple experiments and data collection plans.
  • Recognize nonstandard situations and research solutions.
  • Help develop and provide training programs.
  • Evaluate alternative SPC/data analysis software packages.
  • Gain business insight through data mining.
  • Optimize business processes for quality and performance.

Your Responsibilities to the Student are to Provide:

  • A supervisor for the student who will provide clear instructions, advice, and guidance appropriate to the student's level.
  • Appropriate remuneration for the student's employment.
  • Assistance in locating lodging, etc., as needed.

For graduate student profiles, click here. For information on undergradutes, please contact Jane Moser.



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