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Management Science Luncheon, 2009

PhD Alumni

College of Busines

MS Alumni

College of Business

2011-1990  1989-1971
2012, 2011, 2009-2005  2004-2000
1999-1990  1989-1949

2011 Oguz Akbilgic (Stat) 2008 Essam Alshreafi (Mgmt Sci.)
2010 Maria Weese (Stat)   Rachel Brubaker
  Ezra Turan (Stat)   Christopher Carty
2009 Dennis Beal (Stat)   Milena Chotard
  J. Andrew Howe (Stat)   Xiaoli Meng
  Dong-Ho Park (Stat)   Susan Mwangi (Mgmt Sci.)
2008 Suan Katragadda (Stat)   Sharnkar Narasimhaswami
  Hongwei Yang (Stat)   Anna Romanova
  Artin Armagan (Stat)   Patrick Rudolph
  David Edwards (Stat)   Jing Song
  James Michael Lanning (Stat)   Chen Wang
2007 Fahad Almutairi (Mgmt Sci.)   Yingjin Wang
  Yan Liu (Stat)   Anil Upadrasta (Mgmt Sci.)
  Barara Thibadeau (Mgmt Sci.)    
  Rui Zhang (Stat) 2007 Harold W. Bolton (B.S. Stat)
  Xin Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)   Ramya Desikan (Mgmt Sci.)
  Xiaofeng Zhao (Mgmt Sci.)   John A Howe
2006 Minhui Liu (Mgmt Sci.)   Suman Katragadda
  Xinjie Shi (Mgmt Sci.)   Denver Lybarger
2005 Jennifer Golek  (Stat)   Julius Oyier (Mgmt Sci.)
  Oksoun Yee  (Stat)   Diane Perhac
2004 Vuttichai Chatpattananan (M Sci.)   Serhiy Ponomarov
2003 Robert Block  (Stat)   Eric Pradeep
Yongjae Kwon  (Stat)   Leslie Brook Shaffer
2001 Earl I. Patterson (Mgmt Sci.)   Thomas Martin Strickler
2000 Thalia L Hooker (Mgmt Sci.)   Kaixiang Tao
  Nasreddine Saadouli (Mgmt Sci.)   Donglin Wang
1999 Anurag Agarwal (Mgmt Sci.)   Yang Wang
  John Roy Gray (Mgmt Sci.) 2006 Monica L Beals
  Guey-Mei You (Mgmt Sci.)   Meg E Graham
1998 Cheryl R. Hild (Mgmt Sci.)   Ningning Hong (Mgmt Sci.)
  Mahender Singh (Mgmt Sci.)   Liang Ma (Mgmt Sci.)
1997 Deborah M. Flanagan (Mgmt Sci.)   Chae Mi Lim (Mgmt Sci.)
1996 Xi Chen (Mgmt Sci.)   Sean Maurice McMahon
  Antony N Cooper (Mgmt Sci.)   Joshua Michael Price
  Robin A Lovgren (Mgmt Sci.)   Ravichandran Ramachandran
  Howard D Sanders (Mgmt Sci.)   Linda Sue Skouby
1995 Vanditha Mukund (Mgmt Sci.)   Jonathan C. Steele
  Benjamin Thomas Jr.  (Mgmt Sci.)   Michael Andrew Sterling
1992 Rekha S Pillai (Mgmt Sci.)   Jeffrey Alan Vanvactor
1991 Yee-Chung Lin (Mgmt Sci.)   Maria L Weese
  Arup K. Mukherjee (Mgmt Sci.)   Jihua Xiao
  Mohammad M Sepehri (Mgmt Sci.)   Jiandong Zhou
1990 R P Sundarraj (Mgmt Sci.) 2005 Aruna K Buddana
      Weiwei Chen
      Jun Ding
      Dana Amelia Fota (Mgmt Sci.)
      Yannan He (Mgmt Sci.)
      Robert S Keyser
      Teodora Neiciulescu (Mgmt Sci.)
      Michael K Polson
      Pankaj Sharma
      Srikala Vadlamani (Mgmt Sci.)
      Janna L Young
      Yuanlei Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)
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