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To get on our electronic mailing list, please send your email address to Becky Walker. We routinely send job notices and other announcements.

Please also let us know if you have a new postal address, phone number, or job (for our records only), or any news that you would like to share.

MS Alumni
College of Business


1999   Carol Bruce (IGSP-Human Ecol)   1994   Jeffrey M Gossett
    Todd J Burley       Joseph C Kardos
    Barry S Eggleston       William S Lasater
    Jennifer P Higgins       Paula J. Mascarenhas (Mgmt Sci.)
    Shu-Hua Huang (Mgmt Sci.)       Nathalie C Millot
    Andrey A Kovalenko (Mgmt Sci.)       Wai Ming Ng (Mgmt Sci.)
    Christopher A. McCall       Charles L Starnes
Jerome E Mioduski (Mgmt Sci.)       Daniel M. Strieter
    Randy T Palmer       John R Voit
    Timothy R Reuscher       Huanyu Zhao
    Rebecca A. Stephens       Ying Zheng
    Lu Su   1993   Steven C Bloom
    Timothy D. Wilson       Deborah Davidson-Morton
1998   Mark A Austen       Laura K Durham
    Scott Ayers       Virginia Egel
    Arika L Blankenship       Yuehui Fan
    Candace Brooks Brooks       Leslie D. Galloway
    Jonathan M Donovan       Kevin W Groom  (Mgmt Sci.)
    Nathan Hardiman       Leslie Lewis-Bloom
    Brandon W Frazier (Mgmt Sci.)       Tabatha Lori Helm
    Sergo Grigalashvili (Mgmt Sci.)       Peter B Howard (Mgmt Sci.)
    Lance E Milner       Tabatha Mathews
    Dennis C Nielsen (Mgmt Sci.)       David E Proctor (Mgmt Sci.)
    Jia Zong (Mgmt Sci.)       Matthew H Smith
1997   Kevin R. Ames       Wanzhu Tu
    Patrice O Burley       Vickie D Wester (Mgmt Sci.)
    Yiting Ding       Beth Wilson
    Jeffrey Freyer       Timothy M. Young
    Dawn M Heaney   1992   Charles E Comiskey
    Ning Ku       Scott E Carl (Mgmt Sci.)
    William S Nix       Renee L. Hebert
    Marta C Peralta       Sharon Hunter-Donnelly
    Nasreddine Saadouli       Lichieng Kuo
    Wakana Shinke       An Lu
    Malcolm R Shrimplin       Sandra R Roeske
    Mahender P Singh       Shelly K Sapp
    Yuki Taketani       Rajendra Telang (Mgmt Sci.)
    Phillip D Yates       Richard Michael Thomas
1996   Rodney L Bates       Lisa R Vandegrift
    Tianshu Chen       Sherry W. Whitaker
    Jonathon S Dickman       Timothy Kevin White
    Anne J Freeman       Jennifer R Young
    Joseph R Gomez   1991   Scott T. Garber
    Girish S Gulvady (Mgmt Sci.)       Lori Guinn-Stevens
    Rajagopalan A Kumar (Mgmt Sci.)       Thalia L Hooker (Mgmt Sci.)
    Robin A Lovgren       Amy W Kam
    Jeffrey T. Louallen       Matthew H Kramer
    Charles Louis Morello       Lori A. Kocak
    Edwin T. Parham (Mgmt Sci.)       Maryanne Lynch-Cunningham
    Jennifer M. Petryszyn       Laurie A. MacNair
    Chip Reeves III       Melissa G Morris
    Robert E Williams       Martha Nunn
1995   Krista D Beverly       Renee N. Snell
    Deborah A Boykin       Laurie Stulberg
    Ka L Chao       Eng S Teoh
    Cynthia Hale-Bennett       Wei Wu
    Chad R Hoffman       Guonan Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)
    Jennifer N Lewis   1990   Loren Scott Buckels (Mgmt Sci.)
    Rona R Painter       James H Clement
    James G Parker       Antony N Cooper
    Beth A Price       Clint Copeland
    Jianming Shen (IGSP-Zoology)       Brady D. Holcomb (Mgmt Sci.)
    Cary M Springer       Ning Kong
    Yuriko Taketani       Jennifer Mullins
    Robert E. Williams, Jr. (Mgmt Sci.)       Debra K Sams
    Rong Liu Yu       Howard D Sanders
            Evan Sands
            Mohammed T Taghavi-Fard (M Sci.)
            Michael B Urie
            Linda S. Williams (Mgmt Sci.)
            Xinyuan Y Wu (Mgmt Sci.)
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