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Throughout the year, ITC will "put the spotlight" on a member of the UT teaching community so you can share in the innovative uses of technology they bring to the teaching practice. If you have an idea for a future spotlight, please email us:
April - May 2007 Spotlight
picture of professsor joan rentsch

Dr. Joan Rentsch
Department of Management

Research and Technology –
A Match Supported by the Office of Information Technology.

We have all seen the Websites: Join now! Find your perfect match! Well, Professor Joan Rentsch went to the OIT- Innovative Technology Website and the ITC helped her “Research” find the perfect match of “Technology” and it didn’t cost her a membership fee or even a one-time-only signup fee.  It was free.  

A major contributor to the work done for Joan Rentsch was
Pat Watson and OIT’s Technology Evaluation Group . Pat has produced a video about Joan's story. Watch it now (quicktime version) .





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