Renowned Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey Visits
the College of Business Administration


Dave RamseyThis fall, renowned financial advisor Dave Ramsey visited the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus to talk to College of Business Administration students about how to budget for college and life after graduation.  Ramsey, a 1982 graduate of the college, shared his story of early financial success, a career and life-changing bankruptcy, and a gradual financial transformation that helped him build his career as a nationally syndicated radio show host, television personality, and New York Times best-selling author (Ramsey has written 14 books with three climbing to the best-seller list).

“You can’t have champagne taste on a beer pocketbook,” Ramsey said.  “It’s a matter of expectations…The thing I’ve discovered about personal finance, about building personal wealth, is it is about 80 percent behavior—it’s only 20 percent head knowledge.”

Over the course of their few days on campus, Ramsey and his team taped an episode of The Dave Ramsey Show in the (then) not-yet-open James A. Haslam II Business Building.  Students from the college made up the live audience for the show, taped in the Bank of America Classroom, which aired on October 30.  Clad in University of Tennessee apparel, the students listened intently and had the opportunity to ask questions on what Ramsey suggested they do about various financial and academic decisions.

“The biggest pitfall by far (for college students) is the credit card,” said Ramsey.  “You’ve really got to teach your kid to just say no on the credit card issue.”  Ramsey’s middle child, Rachel, a student at UT Knoxville, contributed to the show by interviewing fellow students about the use of credit cards, student loans, working while attending school, and how they see themselves living post-graduation.

During his visit to campus, Ramsey also spoke at the sixth annual College of Business Administration Scholarship Recognition Reception, which brought together over 120 scholarship recipients with their respective donors who have made such scholarships possible.  During his message to the reception’s guests, Ramsey stressed the importance of the giving back of one’s time and money.  This message was especially directed toward those students who had received scholarship monies as a result of the generosity of the college’s alumni and friends.

Ramsey and his wife, Sharon, live in Brentwood, Tennessee, and have three children:  Denise, Rachel, and Daniel.

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