College Expresses Pride in Faculty, Staff, and Graduates

Within the next couple of months, the College of Business Administration will have 550 students celebrating graduation from undergraduate programs. With incoming class size growing each year, and enrollment in the college at over 5,000 students, the college continues to maintain its place as one of the largest and most accomplished colleges at UT. Many of the college’s top students, faculty, and staff were recognized this spring at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet, hosted by UT Knoxville’s new chancellor, Jimmy Cheek, and at the College of Business Administration’s Honors Banquet.

“What an honor to be dean of the College of Business Administration,” said Dean Jan Williams. “Once again, our faculty and students earned the highest accolades during the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet, which recognizes their extraordinary achievements.” 

The following students, faculty, and staff received honors this spring. Please help us in congratulating:

Taylor Reynolds                                             
Lance Taylor

Charles R. Burchett Extraordinary
Contributions to Campus Life
Jeff Wilcox

Extraordinary Professional Promise
Joshua Scott Holley
Ann Boyd Watts

Top College Scholars
Charles Corey Benick
Amanda Danielle Hawkes
Stephen Ellsworth Macht
Lisa Rachelle Sain

Alumni Association OutstandingTeachers
Joe Carcello
Ernst & Young Professor in Accounting

Roy and Audrey Fancher Graduate
Teaching Award

Kayti Schumann          
Graduate Teaching Assistant of Finance

Allen H. Keally Outstanding Commitment
to Students Award

Richard Townsend
Associate Professor of Accounting
and Information Management

Sarah Alice and Tommy Bronson
Outstanding Researcher Award
Bill Neilson
Professor of Economics

Professionalism Award
Belinda Carter
Director of Financial Information Office

Extraordinary Campus Leadership and Service
Meghan Blackwell

Extraordinary Academic Achievement
Joshua Scott Holley

Scholar Athletes
Sarah Michelle Bowman
Kylie Jeanelle Marshall
Cody O'Brien Sullins

Richard D. Sanders Award for Leadership in
Executive Education

Jim Wansley
Clayton Homes Inc Chair of Excellence in Finance
Head of the Finance Department

Excellence in Teaching
Terry Esper
Associate Professor of Marketing and Logistics

Allen H. Keally Outstanding Teacher Award
Mark Moon
Associate Professor of Marketing and Logistics

Ray and Joan Myatt Outstanding Teaching,
and Service Award
Robert Mee
Professor of Statistics, Operations, and Management

Superior Customer Responsiveness Award
Jeannie Goodman and Cathy Price
Senior Secretary and Administrative
Support Assistant of Finance

Innovation and Creativity Award
Kim Campbell
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs

Honors Recipient
Honors Recipient
Kim Campbell
Jim Wansley

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