Faculty in the Spotlight: Dan Flint


Dan FlintDaniel J. Flint, Proffitt’s Professor in Marketing, is director of the marketing Ph.D. program in the College of Business Administration’s Department of Marketing and Logistics.  Flint received his Ph.D. in marketing and logistics from UT and an undergraduate degree in engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy.  He is a former Naval flight officer and sales engineer for Alcoa in the Aerospace/Commercial Rolled Products division.   

Flint has published in both marketing and logistics premier journals in addition to publishing six book chapters, serving on three editorial review boards, and regularly presenting at global conferences.  He has reviewed manuscripts for over 12 journals, and has served on 19 dissertation committees, chairing four. 

Flint’s current projects and areas of interest include business buyer behavior, business-to-business relationships, customer value dynamics, shopper marketing and its supply chain implications, consumer behavior in retail/shopping settings, supply chain management innovation, value co-creation, market sensing systems, sustainability as a differential advantage, and new ventures. 

Flint is dedicated to helping his department gain greater national awareness through an initiative called the Shopper Marketing Forum.  35 executives from consumer packaged goods, retailer, broker, data management, and consulting companies from across the country will travel to Knoxville during the first week of November to discuss the challenges and opportunities of shopper marketing, one of the most important aspects of consumer retail.  Flint expects this event to help launch the Shopper Marketing Forum, and he says his long-term goal is “to enhance research and teaching, which will help us impact business and place students respectively.”

In addition to directing the marketing PhD program and teaching PhD and MBA candidates, Flint enjoys hiking, camping, woodworking, martial arts, painting, drawing, and wine.  He has been married for 24 years and he and his wife, Lynn, have two sons, Ryan (12) and Spencer (10).


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