Class of 2010 Gives Back to the College

Senior gift 2010During the spring 2010 commencement ceremony, the College of Business Administration received a special gift from its graduating seniors. The Class of 2010 presented Dean Jan R. Williams a check in the amount of $13,450, culminating the 2010 Senior Gift Campaign. 

“Senior Gift Week is a long-standing tradition on campus,” said Chip Bryant, senior director of development for the College of Business Administration. “Since 1991, each UT graduating class has left an enduring legacy to its alma mater by participating in a senior-class gift. But what makes this year so special is that it marks the first year that the College of Business Administration has established its own senior-gift campaign.”

Throughout their senior year, students learned about the importance of giving back to the college in three ways--with their time, talent, and treasure. The slogan for the campaign was “Learn, Earn, and Return,” with each word signifying an important phase of the transition from being a student to being an alum. The campaign goal of $10,000 was quickly met and exceeded. 

“I thought the campaign was a success,” said Kelsey Wilson, who presented the check to Williams. “We far exceeded our initial goal, and have set a very nice precedent for future senior classes! The committee is thankful to all the seniors who gave.”

Senior Gift Week allowed seniors to remember the Learning they enjoyed while at UT; the Earning opportunity they have in the workplace; and the opportunity to begin Returning their valuable time, talent, and treasure to the college. This gift to the college benefits the college right away; it supports the college’s six departments as designated by each individual student, the College Fund for Business Administration, or the Global Leadership Scholars program.  It sets a precedent for subsequent classes to begin their own legacy of giving back.

“The College of Business Administration is grateful to the Class of 2010 for their tremendous support and is looking forward to what the Class of 2011 can do next year,” said Bryant.

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