Allison Impacts Students: Discusses BB&T’s Values-Based Leadership

John AllisonJohn Allison, Distinguished Professor of Practice at Wake Forest University's Schools of Business and former chairman and CEO of BB&T, recently guest lectured to UT’s Econ 300: Markets, Capitalism and Ethics class about “Values-Based Leadership.” Allison’s talk focused on the ten principles that BB&T uses to guide its business practice. 

 “Many of my students have felt compelled to change not only the way they approach business, but also the way they live their private lives as a result of Mr. Allison’s visit to campus,” said Marianne Wannamaker assistant professor of economics. “He inspired them to believe that adhering to a set of principles can lead to both personal and professional success.”

As Barry Blanton, junior in enterprise management, said: “Mr. Allison’s visit to class was the single best educational experience I have ever been a part of.”

Allison’s address was the first of what is to be an annual lecture in the college on ethics in a capitalist society. A 2009 grant from BB&T funds both the lecture series and a faculty position in ethics.

The ten values Allison spoke about were:
1. Reality (Fact-Based)
2. Reason (Objectivity)
3. Independent Thinking
4. Productivity
5. Honesty
6. Integrity
7. Justice (Fairness)
8. Pride
9. Self-Esteem (Self-Motivation)
10. Teamwork/Mutual (Supportiveness)

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