Faculty Spotlight: Diane Mollenkopf

Dinae MollenkopfDr. Diane Mollenkopf brings a wealth of valuable experience to her work as an associate professor in the Department of Marketing and Logistics in the UT College of Business Administration. Mollenkopf earned her undergraduate degree in marketing and international business (with a minor in French) from Bowling Green State University before moving to Michigan State University, where she earned her MBA in logistics and materials management, and to Drexel University for her Ph.D. in marketing channels and international business; she graduated with honors from all three institutions. She earned top honors during her time teaching at Michigan State and Drexel, a tradition she has continued during her time at UT.

Before pursuing an academic career, Mollenkopf worked as a logistics and product manager for several international organizations, primarily in the cosmetics industry with companies such as Avon. Her responsibilities included managing U.S. inventories and coordinating production and shipping from European factories, as well as managing transportation and delivery activities, both internationally and domestically. She was on faculty at Michigan State University from 2002-2005 and at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand, for eight years prior to her return to the U.S.

As an academic, Mollenkopf’s research coalesces under the broad umbrella of corporate value creation. Her research can be categorized into two main research streams, one relating to logistics/supply chain integration and the other relating to environmentally responsible logistics/supply chain practices. Her interest in integration issues and environmental issues stem from her belief that these are two areas in which firms can create value—for themselves, of course, but also for their customers, supply chain partners, communities and other stakeholders. Often times, these two separate streams merge into her ongoing work. Much of her work has been conducted in an international environment. Her work has been published in The Journal of Business Logistics, Decision Sciences, Supply Chain Management Review, Transportation Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, as well as in several international publications.

While living overseas, Mollenkopf worked with several major New Zealand organizations. She developed and presented a variety of logistics and supply chain seminars throughout New Zealand and Australia. She continues to work with executive development programs in the U.S. She is member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), and Warehousing Education Research Council (WERC).

Mollenkopf’s husband, Graham Hickling, is an associate professor in Fisheries, Forestry & Wildlife on the UT Agriculture Campus. They have one son, Jamie, who is nine years old, and a wide assortment of pets keeping them busy. In her free time, Mollenkopf enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, and hiking. She currently is looking forward to taking Jamie to Australia next summer to swim with wild dolphins and snorkel on the fringe reef Ningaloo.

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