Editorial Response

By Dean Jan Williams

In the most recent print issue of our Perspective newsletter, we highlighted a piece by the director of our Physician Executive MBA Program, Dr. Michael Stahl, concerning the ongoing healthcare legislation debate. I want to thank all of you who shared your feedback with us regarding this article. I also want to emphasize that the views expressed in that article reflect the research and views of this particular author, and they are not an official position of either our college or the University of Tennessee.
From time to time, we ask our faculty members to share their views on important issues within their areas of expertise. In fact, one of the reasons we call the newsletter Perspective is our intent to emphasize that its content includes views and opinions on important issues of the day. In the past we have published articles on financial frauds and excesses that may have contributed to the recession and on the tax system in Tennessee. We realize that there are differing views on these subjects and reactions may be both positive and negative. We encourage our faculty members to be engaged in these debates and to express their views. Indeed, we view this as a part of our college’s mission.
We appreciate those of you who took time to express your views to us on the healthcare article. In future issues of Perspective, e-Perspective, and our annual Report to Alumni and Friends, we will be sure to more clearly label articles that represent the views and opinions of the author as editorials so that they are not interpreted as official positions of the college or university.
As always, we welcome your comments on any of the articles we publish and look forward to receiving your input as we attempt to continuously improve our communications with you.


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