Student Spotlight: Justin Short
Justin Short

Nashville, Tennessee, native Justin Short has been busy during his three years in Knoxville, where he is a senior at the University of Tennessee.  With a major in accounting and a collateral in finance, one would assume that Short’s free time is limited.  However, hard work and dedication have proven to make his time at UT a success; he has earned a 3.92 overall GPA and has earned a perfect 4.0 in his accounting classes.  His accomplishments have been recognized by many, and his achievements include being on the Dean’s List, receiving multiple scholarships, and receiving the African American Achiever’s Award for highest GPA.

Short’s ultimate professional goal is to make a difference in the lives of his clients.

“I want to earn a CPA designation from the state of Tennessee and practice public accounting,” said Short. “I want to be a leader in public accounting by protecting the small investor. Making sure that financial information is reliable and relevant is vital to helping these investors make the right investments choices. Protecting and helping advance small investors is a passion of mine; it brings to mind the thought of my parents doing whatever they could to give me a better life.”

“Right after I graduate, I want to work three to five years at a Big-4 accounting firm,” continued Short. “After I learn the profession to an advanced level, I want to start my own consulting firm. My focus will be small and minority-owned businesses.”
Short has served as a resident assistant at UT and is responsible for safety, compliance, and the general welfare of the 50 to 60 residents who live on his floor. He takes his work as a resident assistant seriously, especially when working with young students.

“The residents, especially younger ones, look up to me. I must serve as a role model to them, never compromising my integrity,” said Short.

Short is an active member of the National Association of Black Accountants, in which he regularly participates in volunteer opportunities. He serves as the academic development chairperson for the UT chapter and holds the highest GPA of the chapter’s members. He also is a candidate for Belta Alpha Psi and has earned his affiliate real estate broker license.

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