Master of Accountancy Graduates Pledge $37,200 to MAcc Excellence Fund


MAcc classOver the past 31 years, the Department of Accounting and Information Management has graduated over 1,500 students from its top-ranked Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program.  With a desire to give back, graduates from the Class of 2008 created the “1-2-3 Program” to encourage annual giving to the program post-graduation. During their first year after graduation, participants of the program each pledge $100; during their second year after graduation, participants each pledge $200; and during their third year after graduation, participants each pledge $300.

The Class of 2008, with its 30 percent participation rate, pledged a total of $12,000. However, the 2009 graduating class grew this student-driven effort with an even greater 70 percent participation rate this spring pledging $25,200 to be paid over the next three years.

Since the program’s inception, a total of $37,200 has been pledged, for which the department is extremely grateful. All pledges support the MAcc Excellence Fund, which invests in student scholarships and enrichment activities such as speakers and out-of-town visits.

Said Wesley Lee, student organizer for the Class of 2009: "The class gift was important to me because it was a way to say thanks. I wanted future students to have the same wonderful experience that I had in the MAcc program. I wanted to set an example of the importance and impact that private donations have on the program."

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