College of Business Administration Welcomes Incoming Freshmen
at Convocation Celebration


Convocation celebrationThe University of Tennessee College of Business Administration hosted a welcome reception for all Class of 2013 students planning to major in business. Approximately 250 students attended of the 550 freshmen planning to major in business.

“This year’s freshmen class of future business leaders is one of our most diverse ever,” said Jan Williams, dean of the College of Business Administration. “Minorities make up 15 percent of the class, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and American Indians. Thirty-eight percent of the class is female. Although many students don’t decide on a major until junior year, it’s encouraging that 15 percent of UT’s incoming class of 3,723 students plan to major in business.”

Students were welcomed by Williams, who shared with the students the college’s core values. “We even asked the students to read our values aloud for additional emphasis,” said Williams. Students had the opportunity to meet other faculty members and visit tables hosted by each business-related student organization.

The event was part of a weekend of welcome events for freshmen campus-wide.  While UT’s incoming freshmen class is slightly smaller than last year’s class, they are an incredibly bright group of young men and women.  While the class’s high-school GPA is 3.79 (up from last year’s 3.75), 40 percent of the incoming class members had high school GPA’s of 4.0 or higher.  Forty members of the class are National Merit Scholars, up from 22 members of last year’s freshmen class.  An overwhelming 99 percent of in-state students qualified for the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship.

“Quality, access, and diversity are our key goals,” said UT Knoxville Provost Susan Martin. “This year’s class confirms that our progress is on the right track.”

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