Scholarship Luncheons Bring Students and Alumni Together

scholarship donors and recipientsThe College of Business Administration is continually looking for ways to bring business students and alumni together. The ultimate thank-you graduates can give the college is to “learn, earn, and return” by contributing toward the success of today’s students. Donors who provide scholarship opportunities for future business leaders take this motto to heart as they give back to the college that helped them build their professional foundations.

In recognition of scholarship donors’ generosity, the Department of Development & Alumni Affairs invites all scholarship donors to meet the students they are currently benefitting. The donors and students have the opportunity to meet over lunch; this provides the opportunity for donors and students to get to know each other better and for the students to learn from the experience of the donors. Students from all walks of life have come together to meet the generous alumni who have given back to their alma mater

Pictured here are David and Jean Claire Jones and the students who received their scholarship this year, Kathryn Puckett, Rebekah Tompkins, and Noel Scruggs.

For more information on scholarship luncheons, please contact the college’s director of stewardship and alumni affairs, Meredith Hulette, at

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