Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Nasser Daneshvary

Dr. Nasser Daneshvary University of Tennessee alumnus Dr. Nasser Daneshvary left his native Iran over 35 years ago to pursue his degree in economics in the UT College of Business Administration. While his original intent was to return home to teach after graduation, he lost the financial support of the Iranian government in 1979 after the overthrow of the shah and formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Daneshvary chose to remain in the United States to pursue his academic career, and today has become highly respected in his field.

After graduating from UT in 1984, Daneshvary taught at Tusculum College (Tennessee), Norwich University (Vermont), and Southeast Missouri State University. In 1990, Nasser and his wife, Rennae Sletten Daneshvary (also an academician), joined the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). From 1992-2005, Daneshvary served in various roles including chair of the economics department, chair of the Management and Management Information System, director of MBA programs, associate dean of the College of Business, and vice provost. In 2005, Daneshvary transitioned back into teaching and research and became one of the campus-wide faculty senate leaders for the next five years. He is currently a professor of economics, Beam Research Fellow, and director of the Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies at the UNLV.

Throughout his career, Daneshvary has taken a leadership role in establishing new academic programs and nurturing students and young faculty. He has taught 20 different undergraduate and graduate classes in international economics, urban and regional economics, econometrics, and in the quantitative areas of business and economics. For over 10 years, he was a member of the board of trustees of the Nevada Council on Economic Education.

His areas of research concentrate on applied and empirical microeconomics and on business and public policy issues. He authored about 12 funded research monographs and about 30 journal articles in professional academic journals. His articles have appeared in journals, such as The Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Southern Economic Journal, The Review of Regional Studies, Social Science Quarterly, The Journal of Economic Education, Applied Economics, Economics of Education Review, and Industrial Relations.

Daneshvary’s recent research in the areas of real estate and housing have been published in various journals including Economic Inquiry, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Real Estate Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Research. His recent work has been cited or referred to by public print media and television in many cities throughout the United States. He is actively involved with the American Real Estate Society and the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association.

Read the recent write up on Daneshvary in the Las Vegas Sun here:

Daneshvary considers himself very fortunate with a very satisfying career. He attributes his success to the education that he received from the Department of Economics at UT.

“The caring faculty at UT did not just teach me in the classroom,” said Daneshvary.  “Much of my leaning took place outside the classroom in my daily interaction with the professors. In particular, Drs. Henry (Chip) W. Herzog, Hans E. Jensen, and P.D. Qualls not only taught me how to be a good, caring, and nurturing academician, but also directed me to the pleasure of hard work. It was an honor to be taught by such individuals. Today, in most difficult decision-making situations, I often ask myself:  What would Chip, Hans, and PDQ do?”

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