Alumni Spotlight: Jung Yun

Jung YunUT College of Business Administration alumna Jung Yun has over 18 years of experience in the areas of finance, investment banking, retail banking, structured finance, and consulting.  She is currently the managing director for Yun Capital and Yun Capital Asset Management, and CEO and chairman of Helios Banc. Yun’s experience includes conducting international transactions in countries including the United Arab Emirates, China, Korea, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and the United Kingdom.  She also regularly works with heads of states, advising them on economic policies in the areas of currency, developmental banking, mortgages, housing, infrastructure, green technologies, and other areas of need. 
Yun’s experience includes being an investment banker for public/private companies involving transactions ranging from $150 million to $8 billion; she has completed over $300 million in mergers and acquisitions and billions in transactions. She also delivers financial strategy, business consulting, and strategic alliance expertise to companies in which she invests.

Yun has created several financial collateralized debt obligations, commercial mortgage-backed securities, and insurance products using derivative modeling.  She has contributed to the growth of numerous companies including JPMorgan, Reed Elsevier, and others.  She currently manages five international funds that have over $4.5 billion in assets, including the Global Media Fund, Tigrcub Fund, Paean Fund, Maximus Fund, and Government Funds.

Yun was selected to serve on Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Council, has published a sales and management manual recognized by Dale Carnegie, and is a member of the American Bankers Association.  She is often invited to present the topic of capital markets at financial seminars such as the African Presidents Healthcare Summit, Africa USA Business Executives Conference, Brazil USA Investment Conference, NYC Venture Capital Conference, and others. 

Yun graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1994 with a degree in finance. She is a proud member of Mensa International, the largest and oldest organization in the world recognizing those with high intelligence quotients.  Yun hosts an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in her home city of New York City.

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