New Business Administration Building to Open Soon

New CBA building

This fall, the long-awaited new College of Business Administration building will be unveiled, with students and faculty alike eagerly welcoming its official opening later this school year. Spanning six floors, the building is roughly two-and-a-half times the size of the Glocker building that formerly housed the majority of classes for the college. While the façade of the building will reflect the traditional architecture of the former Glocker building, its state-of-the-art rooms will provide the latest technology and forward-thinking academic programs that the College of Business Administration has built, and continues to build, its reputation on. While the state funded the bricks and mortar for the building, private support will be crucial to the upkeep of the business complex and its programming. Continued state budget cuts necessitate the financial contributions of alumni and friends in order to allow the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration to be a leader in today’s increasingly competitive education environment.

“The new business administration building is a student-oriented building, with most of the space being dedicated to cutting-edge, quality classrooms,” said Tom Ladd, associate dean for research and technology. “The 35 team rooms that students will have access to will change the way our students work together. The building changes the image of the business school in a most-favorable way that affects faculty, staff, and students at all levels.”

Visitors will enter the business complex through a four-story, glass-ceiling atrium that will serve as a hub for students, faculty, and guests, and will provide an impressive space for special events. From there, visitors will be able to see the Investments Learning Center, where students will be provided with investments education and research. The room boasts 24-hour updates on a Tranlux electronic Datawall and Ticker as well as Bloomberg Professional Service on two terminals. Additionally, this floor will house the Interactive Collaboration Center, which will provide students real-time, global interactions. Team members from all over the world will have the ability to share information through a multi-screen projected display system and virtual flipchart pages.

“The technology is cutting-edge,” said Ladd, “with a focus on the ability to collaborate over the Internet. This building is a campus within a campus.” 

In addition to these centers, classrooms, and team rooms, visitors on this floor will be able to access the student commons area (including a café) and an outdoor courtyard that will provide an area for students to study, eat, and meet with others.

Traveling to the third floor, visitors will find an undergraduate business services suite, conference room, outdoor terrace, and eight undergraduate classrooms. It will also house a “Ready for the World” office suite and videoconferencing center. The fourth floor will facilitate the college’s administration including the dean’s suite, conference room, and special events room. Additionally, MBA classrooms and a Master of Accountancy classroom will be located here, as well as team rooms and presentation rooms. The full-time MBA and graduate programs will continue onto the fifth floor, where there will be an MBA suite, conference room, and interview rooms. There also will be a Ph.D. seminar room and the Center for Executive Education dining room. Remaining executive education facilities will be located on the sixth floor.

While many of the rooms in the new building already have been named for donors to the College of Business Administration, many more recognition opportunities have yet to be appointed, including classrooms, team rooms, and centers.

“We are committed to providing the best education possible to our students, but we need your help in these efforts,” said Jan Williams, dean of the College of Business Administration. “The college has a number of critical priorities for which private funding is crucial. The new business building provides numerous recognition opportunities for classrooms, team rooms, and other spaces to recognize and commemorate the generous gifts made to the college while allowing us to provide our students with the most innovative technology available.”

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