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Tom Ladd, Associate Dean of Research and TechnologyResearch

Scholarship is at the core of what makes a college or university great. It provides value to all levels of instruction and affords a competitive advantage to our students, faculty, alumni, and friends. That value ranges from basic research that seeks out a new understanding of business problems to research that is applied in real-world learning and research laboratories.

The College of Business Administration justifiably is proud of its ongoing research programs. Whether our programs focus on improving production or delivery systems, increasing customer value, understanding financial markets, or managing inter- and intra-organizational relationships, our faculty is seeking to better understand the complex business environment in which we work. Whether our research is targeted at the highest levels of an organization, as typified by our Corporate Governance Center, or at the production floor, it seeks to understand and improve the entire value chain.

Anything more than a cursory look at our academic programs yields evidence that we are not only enthusiastic regarding our scholarship, but that we are innovative in translating that scholarship into our curriculum and practice. The College of Business Administration enthusiastically embraces the integration implied by our mission statement “Innovative Leadership in Management Research, Education, and Teaching.