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Prospective Students



"Innovative leadership in business education and practice." Nowhere is the college's mission statement more apparent than in our innovative undergraduate, graduate, and executive education curricula. Our college's core competency of disciplinary strength within an integrated perspective is unmistakable.

Program innovation can be challenging because of our diverse student constituencies.

Undergraduates need the basic skills to help them launch and support successful careers.

Master's students require more depth and specialization

Ph.D. students need the teaching and research skills to position themselves for the next generation of business education

Executives want to improve their skill sets, but also enhance their personal and leadership development, managerial potential, and level of personal fulfillment

Yet, this diversity provides a rich opportunity for innovation. We must carefully and uniquely adapt every program to each specific student group, and we do. Our curriculum encourages cutting-edge thinking, ground breaking teaching methods, and a structure that allows real-world experiences — proof that we live up to our college mission.

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