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The College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee consists of approximately 7,500 undergraduate and graduate students, 120 faculty, and 125 staff members with a commitment to developing and becoming Mindful Leaders of Worthy Enterprise. We include our alumni among our constituency and are particularly thankful for the 2,800 alumni who contribute each year and the 500+ who participate in our gift societies. They additionally provide continuing guidance through our college, departmental, and program-based advisory councils. Alumni gifts allow us to provide over 280 scholarships to our students and over 35 chairs and professorships to our faculty.

Big Orange, Big Ideas is a slogan we often hear at UT, and we in the College of Business Administration believe we have many big ideas. Among these ideas are our four strategic initiatives and scholarly endeavors where we believe we are or can be true global leaders. In addition our Center for Executive Education (CEE) has served for years as a really big idea. Our window to the business world, CEE is both a source for new ideas and a proving ground for the value of our research. We have many other programs, research centers, and initiatives that go beyond what is expected, and add value to our students, our state, and our greater community. Please take the time to explore the many ideas and programs that make our college a unique and exciting place.


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